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Our Hale-istic products are specially sourced and formulated to help you reach and maintain the pinnacle of breathing health.

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Say goodbye to mouth-breathing and hello to unparalleled clarity. We've developed the first all-day, non-invasive nasal breathing solution.

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We all know breath equals life. But what many don't know is that the way you breathe can have a significant impact your health.

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Thoughtfully sourced, intelligently developed

We adhere to a rigorous set of values and standards when developing our products.

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Check out our well rounded collection of holistic products designed to help you support your breathing health naturally.

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Hale was formed through a unique partnership at Johns Hopkins between a biomedical engineer who suffers from nasal airway obstruction and an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) surgeon who is a world leader in treating it. In the development of our flagship nasal breathing aid (Hale-Aid), Hale, Inc. is developing into a pioneer in the breathing wellness space.

May 2016

The Idea for Hale is Born

Patrick Byrne, MD envisions a concept for a revolutionary new nasal breathing device and joines forces with engineer Clay Andrews to explore and develop the idea at Johns Hopkins University.

August 2017

A Partnership is Formed and Hale, Inc. is Founded

The concept transitions out of the academic world and incorporates as a private company co-owed by Patrick and Clay. Full-time research and development commences.

December 2018

Prototypes are Produced and Clinical Trial Begins

Design and business competitions and personal investment fund medical-grade injection molding of of Hale-Aid prototypes which allows the execution of a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins.

June 2019

The Team Grows and Hale, Inc. Ramps-Up for Launch

COO Ben Shey and Marketing Strategist Akea Brown join the team to support manufacturing and fulfillment along with social media and content development.

January 2020

Seed Fundraising is Secured Ahead of Imminent Launch

Funding is secured, which will allow Hale, Inc. to launch it's cutting edge nasal breathing aid (Hale-Aid) in the fall of 2020. Breathing wellness product line Hale-istic will launch in the interim months.

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