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Jala Neti Himalayan Salt Blend
Jala Neti Himalayan Salt Blend
Jala Neti Himalayan Salt Blend

Jala Neti Himalayan Salt Blend


Use this specially formulated Himalayan salt blend with your Jala Neti Pot to achieve airway nirvana through the practice of Jala Neti! Available both in an elegant refillable amber glass jar as well as a cost effective resealable satchel, this salt blend contains a carefully formulated ratio of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and Himalayan minerals which allow for optimal nasal cleansing action.

Unlike other salt blends, our formula does not contain any anti-caking agents or additives. In addition, we use thoughtfully sourced fine grain Himalayan salt in our blend, which has been shown to come with anti-inflammatory properties.


Preparing the Saline Solution: 

  • Fill your neti pot with 1 cup of clean, lukewarm distilled or previously boiled water 
  • Mix approximately 1/4 teaspoon of Jala Neti Pot Salt Blend into the water until thoroughly dissolved

Want to learn more about the practice of Jala Neti? We've got you covered.


Use only clean, lukewarm water that has been distilled, sterilized, or previously boiled. Children using this product should be aided by a responsible adult.
Stop use and contact a physician is you experience any pressure or unusual discomfort in your ears during or after use. Additionally, contact a physician if you experience fever, headache, a nosebleed, or any extended discomfort after using.