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General Information

Why are you called Hale?
Who is behind Hale?
Do you manufacture your own products?
How is breathing related to health?
How can I learn more about breathing and health?
Who are the Hale Hounds?


What is Hale-Aid?
Does Hale make Hale-Aid?
How does Hale-Aid work?
Will Hale-Aid get lost or stuck in my nose?
Who is Hale-Aid for?
Does Hale-Aid work for allergies?
Where can I get Hale-Aid?
How can I get Hale-Aid early?
Will Hale-Aid help curb snoring?
What about sleep apnea?
Can you tell you're wearing Hale-Aid?
Is Hale-Aid available without a prescription?
Is Hale-Aid an implant?
Is Hale-Aid reusable?
What are the risks?

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