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Breathe like your life depends on it.

Breathing keeps you alive. But the way you breathe can keep you happy and healthy.

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Optimize oxygen extraction

Correct breathing techniques allows for the delivery of nitric oxide to the blood stream, improving oxygen delivery to your muscles and vital organs.

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Balance blood pH

Proper breathing supports effective CO2 regulation in the bloodstream, allowing for the maintenance of a healthy blood pH.

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Reduce inflammation and infection

The nose warms, moistens, and filters the air we breath, preventing inflammation in the lungs and throat and warding off infection and allergies.

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Improve mood, memory and productivity

Breathing correctly and practicing breathwork stimulate specific regions of the brain to balance mood, improve memory & focus, and promote relaxation.

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Enhance sleep quality

Ensuring adequate oxygen availability to the body during sleep allows for a consistent restful and restorative night.

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Improve oral health

Dental hygiene can be improved through correct breathing techniques. Facial development can also be improved, especially in younger individuals.

The Pillars of Healthy Breathing

Breathe new life into your routine with these easy to implement strategies.


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. But properly, please.

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Nasal breathing

Your nose is a breathing machine; your mouth is a biological backup. Make it your mission to breathe through your nose to access a host of physical and mental health benefits. Yes, even during exercise and sleep.

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Deep breathing

Breathe with your diaphragm, not your chest. Chest breathing is shallow and inefficient, while belly breathing fills your lungs for optimal gas exchange and to regulate digestion and blood pressure.

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Breath training

Old habits die hard, but breath works if you work it. Be mindful of your breathing to avoiding slipping back into the bad habits. Try yoga and breathwork classes where a trained instructor can coach you to breathe your best.


Keep your respiratory system up to snuff. Give it the support it needs.

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Structural support

In many people, narrow or restricted nasal passages can affect their ability to breathe effectively. Using breathing aids like hale-aid are an effective way to support one's natural anatomy to breathe more freely.

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Airway cleansing

Your nasal airway is a healthy and effective natural air filter. Keep it in tip top shape by using a neti pot to flush out pollutants, allergens, and microbes. Practicing this also reduces inflammation and keeps your breathing clear.

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Natural conditioning

Breathing can become challenging while suffering from a cold or allergies. Simple additions to your routine like tea and essential oils may ward off illness and make your respiratory system more resilient.


You know that breathing supports you life. Now use your life to support your breathing.

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It may be trendy, but there's a reason people keep going back! Breathwork classes are a great way to work on developing a connection between your breathing and wellbeing.

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Air quality

We can't do much to control air quality, but being aware  and protecting yourself when possible, by limiting exposure and using an air purifier, can help to preserve your breathing health.

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Diet and exercise

Regular exercise keeps your lungs functioning. Do your best to keep your weight in check to reduce stress on your airway and diaphragm, and to manage problems like snoring and sleep apnea.


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